What can we do for you?

  • We are specialized in dimensional stones – marble, limestone, sandstone, granite …
  • We are searching and prospecting for deposits – deposits that you need.
  • We are organizing and executing the whole process – from initial documents thru the field work and results analyses to the final report with reserves.
  • We determine the technology you need for your unique quarry – the site plan, the equipment and more.
  • We have the knowledge.
  • We have the experience.
  • We have the potential.

We can …

Down are listed some of our projects.



New deposit for Vratsa limestone

That deposit was discovered and studied by our company and now we are on the final stage for obtaining of concession for exploitation. This is the biggest Vratsa limestone deposit with potential for more than 8 000 000 qm reserves and project life for more than 50 years with annual capacity of more than 25 000 qm.

Project 1

Vratsa limestone quarry

That deposit was started in 2000 from “green field”. Now this is one of the leading producers of Vratsa limestone. Our specialists were directly involved in the management of that deposit during the first 6 years of its life.

Project 2

Vratsa limestone quarry

The excavations in that deposit were started in 2008 from “green field”. Our active period was 2007 - 2012. We were executing technical projects, extraction processes management, exploitation study etc. The deposit is small in scale but it still operates.

Project 3

Deposit for Pure white limestone

That unique deposit has a very rare pure white limestone. The deposit was studied by us and no we are managing the exploitation works. We are involved in that project since 2008. The deposit is relatively big in scale and now it is in the initial stage of exploitation.

Marble deposite – semi white marble

New life

This is a marble deposit in a well-known marble basin. In past was executed wide range of searching and prospecting works – mapping, drilling, laboratory testing etc. We were appointed by the investor to analyze the complete information and to locate the high potential area for opening of new deposit. The big challenge here was to combine the hard landscape features, geometry of the marble body and the natural protected areas in one wining project.


Sustainable Development

One of the most important activities in the process of exploiting the deposits is the "Exploitation Geological Survey". The purpose of this study is to gather additional information and to analyze the situation by a detailed analysis of the structure of the deposit. These activities allow better management of extraction activities and detailed planning. The exploration geological survey can cover part or whole deposit. Only in 2017, we have conducted such a survey for two of our clients. As a result of the drilling and subsequent geological modeling, an investment plan was prepared by the two contractors.

Reopening of a deposit for highly decorative organogenic limestone in Moldova.

Restart of old deposit in Moldova

Moldova is a country where ornamental stone materials have not been extracted for more than 25 years. Specialists from our company have developed a technological scheme to re-open an abandoned deposit for highly decorative organogenic limestone. We selected the necessary equipment, organized the delivery of the machines and conducted a training course. We wish success to our friends from Moldova.

These projects are short list of our winning projects. If you want to be a part of it, you may contact us